About Us

Dataplace is a modern TIER III data centre in the Netherlands. Located near Rotterdam, we house large and small IT environments for a variety of clients. We distinguish ourselves by our ideas about a data centre and our personal approach. This vision was the basis for the creation of Dataplace. Years of own experiences as client at various large data centres in the Netherlands ultimately led to the construction of our own data centre. We supplemented all our experiences with our own ideas. Ideas on how to better and more efficient design and handle technical matters, organisational matters and certain procedures.

We have implemented this vision in everything, and have thought about every detail. Our own experiences have led to a data centre fully adapted to the needs of its users. From moving to the daily presence at our data centres, we fully meet all user expectations.

We know how you want to be treated based on our own experiences, and we ensure a personal approach. We always fully focus on our clients. You will never be a number to us. The Dataplace organisation can be described as client-oriented and service-focussed. You will always have direct and personal contact with the right people. Our data centre specialists provide you with expert advice or practical hands-on work. You merely have to ask. Support is always within reach at our data centre. Thanks to our flat organisation, we can switch easily and offer you the flexibility you desire. No supplier, but a partner. One who you can trust. This makes Dataplace truly different. Experience it for yourself and pick a date for a non-obliging tour and meet our data centre.


The Dataplace Philosophy

Aspects such as reliability, efficiency and the environment were the core values in the development of the Dataplace data centre. These core values have emerged from our mission; delivering high quality data centre services. We implement these values by providing our own ideas on meeting the needs of our client as a partner and reliable supplier.

Dataplace distinguishes itself, among others, by its personal approach and by implementing its core values. The following core values are always leading within the entire Dataplace organisation:

  1. Reliability.We fulfil any and all agreements we make.
  2. Client-focussed. We understand our clients and their professional partner. We do what we promise, and just that little bit more.
  3. KIS. Even though some things might seem complicated, we like to keep it simple.

Dataplace is not a supplier, but a partner for its clients. We support the outsourcing of your IT equipment through intensive contact and support. We also like to be of service in RFI & RFP processes or market consultation and offer our years of expertise and experience in the field of data centre.