IMCD satified with the fulfilment of its basic needs by Dataplace

IMCD managed its own servers until the end of 2014. An incident caused by problems with the cooling was reason for the organisation to decide to look for a data centre. The most important criterion? Finding a place which met the basic needs of IMCD and did not require the purchase of additional services. Dataplace met this need, says Mike van der Van Straaten, IT Manager at IMCD. He has been working in the head office in Rotterdam of the distributor in specialised ingredients in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry for 15 years. The central IT department consists of 14 employees. The most important areas of attentions are the development and availability of company-critical and strategic software for the global IMCD organisation. Three employees work daily on the infrastructure and the servers.

“When a problem occurred with the servers under own management, we immediately knew and wanted to arrange this differently in the short term. We contacted a number of data centres. Some didn't even respond, and were immediately disqualified. Dataplace responded quickly, and a quotation followed soon. Our first feeling was good, was reinforced after a few substantive conversations. We were looking for a place with power and cooling and did not need any additional services. This was not a problem.” The location was also a selling point. “Because we are responsible for the equipment ourselves, it is convenient that Alblasserdam is near the living and working locations of our employees who are responsible for the maintenance. It would be a waste of time to drive up and down to Amsterdam to exchange a backup tape. Now, this is not a problem.” Van der Straaten is satisfied with the new situation. “We don't need much, but we get what we do need.”

The IT manager does not consider it likely that IMCD will purchase more services from a data centre, despite the good experiences. “We had some bad experiences with respect to additional services at another data centre. Requests to reset a computer were not adequately fulfilled, for example. You don't want to hear, ‘I'm currently at the supermarket, and after I've brought my groceries back home and visited a birthday, I'll take care of it’, even though you have a service level agreements which says that action will be taken within 8 hours. It did not meet our expectations. Now we can manage everything ourselves, while Dataplace provides the assurance in terms of cooling and power. This is the perfect situation for us.”

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