Professionalisation brings Wigo4it to Dataplace

Wigo4it is the cooperative of the social services of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht in the field of the provision of information. They bring together supply and demand and design, develop, manage and maintain IT applications. The government cooperative was established in 2007 on the initiative of the directors of the social services in the four large cities. In order to further professionalise its services, Wigo4it looked for a modern, reliable and client-oriented data centre. Marten Groenewoud, head of Technical Management at Wigo4it, tells why they have chosen for Dataplace.

Continuity in IT services is of great imortance to Wigo4it

Any disruptions to its systems affects the over 100,000 beneficiaries in the four large cities. Timely benefits or support is often a pure necessity to this group. “We cannot afford to be offline. When I started here in 2009, improving the housing our services was high on my list of priorities. After a careful process, without being hasty, we issued a tender for co-location in 2014. Dataplace won this tender.” What was the deciding factor? “A geographical requirement was a data centre close to Rotterdam. We are already a client at the KPN data centre on the Waalhaven, and there was a strict maximum requirement regarding the distance between both co-locations. The price and the degree of high quality data centre services also played a role. Dataplace had the best overall score. They selected themselves.

The feeling after the first reference visit was also immediately good. The whole set-up was professional, the management side looked excellent and all the staff showed a large degree of involvement. This gave confidence and gave a sense of security.” Wigo4it received the key on January 1, 2015 and moved to the technical area one month later. This process went smoothly. “Dataplace made all possible efforts to support us in our move. They were also present to help on the day itself. Their facilities, from fast internet connections and cooling prevention to the fully redundant design and monitoring systems, are exceptionally good. However, more data centres have this. Dataplace made the difference with the commitment and expertise of the management. They clearly distinguish themselves with this compared to other data centres.”

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