Our modern data centre is TIER III classified. We meet the highest security requirements. In contrast to many other data centres, Dataplace is no converted office building, warehouse or historical property. Dataplace has been constructed as a true data centre from the ground up with only one goal: housing your IT environment as good, safe and reliable as possible. All essential parts of our data centre, such as fast internet connections, power supply, cooling, fire prevention and monitoring systems are designed to be fully redundant. Thanks to this infrastructure, the high power and cooling capacity, as well as the high floor load, our data centre is ideally suited for high density hosting or housing solutions.

Data centre infrastructure is TIER III classified

Operators of a data centre want to provide guarantees for its availability. The TIER classifications were developed for this purpose in the United States. These guarantee various levels of availability. TIER classifications are different classifications of redundancy. The higher the classification, the better the availability of the installation. De TIERIII classification for the redundancy of the equipment and components is based on the following:

  • The power supply must have two NSAs; two UPS units and two power supplies to the racks. Dataplace is completely N+1 and has installed more than sufficient redundancy for the mentioned components.

One no-break power feed and one short-break power feed ensure additional redundancy. Any errors to the UPS pool do not affect the short-break. A STS can be leased for each rack to ensure that equipment with single power supplies can be connected in a redundant capacity. Thanks to this, Dataplace meets the TIERIII classification. A guarantee for the safe housing and continuity of your business-critical IT infrastructure.