Private cages en suites

Private housing solutions such as a private cage, suite or corridor offer you a private space in our data centre. Dataplace offers exclusivity and additional safety with custom housing solutions. You can place your own racks in our data centre, for example. We always offer custom housing solutions. This allows us to make sure everything is fully tailored to your needs and wishes. We offer private cage, private corridor or private suite solutions.


Private Cage

Private cage

Freedom and additional security. This describes a private cage. Taking into account your growing IT needs, a private cage offers opportunities for expansion. Only your own employees have access to this secured space in our data centre. A private cage offers your organisation a great degree of freedom and flexibility. You can choose to use the 19” racks offered by Dataplace, or to place your own 19" racks. A private cage within our data centre is available starting from four 19” racks. Do you want to discuss the possibilities? Contact us to discuss your specific wishes.


Private corridor

Private corridor

A private corridor also grants exclusivity. The closed corridor is only accessible by you. A private corridor within our data centre is available starting from eight 19” racks. Do you want to learn more about the possibilities for your organisation? Send us a non-obliging request for information.

Private suite

Does your organisation require a protected private space and do you have a volume which allows you to opt for an own room? Dataplace can create a private suite within our data centre. Equipped completely in accordance with your needs. You use the redundant installation of Dataplace in terms of power, emergency power, cooling, (fire) safety and general facilities while maintaining your own look and identity. Dataplace facilitates the complete maintenance of the placed installations and we decide on the perfect lay-out of your private suit in consultation. You no longer need major investments for your own data centre facilities. A private suite is completely separated from other clients and possible starting from approximately 130 m2.