Data centre specialist who help you get ahead

The Dataplace team consists of data centre specialists with many years of experience. Experience consisting of the fact that we were large data centre users ourselves. From our time as clients at various data centres, we know any issues you might encounter. From migrating to moving to a data centre to complex network issues. We have encountered virtually any situation. Our specialists are available for you and your organisation every day. They provide you with thorough advice and support when needed.


Data centre services

We create the right solution by focussing on you. This does not only provide comfort and additional security, but it is also very practical. Depending on the required support, Dataplace offers a wide range of standard services. Services that can be expanded to custom support, tailored to suit your needs. Whether it concerns a visit with your clients, a disruption, a calamity, or simple facilitation. Our data centre services always take an extra step. We do what we promise, and just that little bit more.

Our support can come in many forms, from standard and free to very specific and fully customised. Learn about the possibilities or discuss them directly with one of our data centre specialists.

  • General facilities and standard service

    Dataplace has thought of everything you as organisation and user hopes and expects to find in a data centreLearn more

  • Support services

    From remote hands and tape rotations to the lease of equipment. Support is always within reach. Learn more

  • Service Level Agreement

    All details captured, fully in line with the needs of your organisation. Learn more

  • Customer Care Center

    Easily arrange things yourself. Our online client portal provides insight and a great number of options, wherever you are. Learn more