Moving and Migrating

IT is of vital important to companies and organisations. A non-operating IT environment has a major impact nowadays, as it often immediately halts all work within your organisation. The continuous availability of your IT environment may seem obvious, but it is and remains an enormous challenge. Managing this yourself at your location result in in high demands on your infrastructure, the management of this infrastructure and the technical knowledge of your staff. By outsourcing your IT environment to our data centre, you are assured of the highest possible level of availability and continuity of your IT environment.

A Migration to our data centre

A migration is often not the most favourite job of a system administrator or IT department. It is never convenient and there is never enough time. A complete move of the IT environment is not something most people do every day. Our data centre specialists do, however. You can always contact us if you intend to move to our data centre. Our experience and knowledge as captured in procedures, project management, hands-on work and a concrete planning facilitate your migration. Our expertise and experience made sure that each delivery we have done went according to the schedule. Moving to Dataplace can be done 24/7 and 365 days per year. This service does not result in any additional costs, as we consider it the norm. Are you considering the step to our data centre? Contact one of our data centre consultants.

Five Items that are of importance for a migration to a data centre

  1. The reputation. Does the data centre often experience disruption, and how open are they about this? Is it a member of the DDA industry organisation? What do others say about this data centre?
  2. A carrier neutral data centre should be preferred. Carrier neutral data centres provide maximum flexibility in the choice for hardware, internet services and cables.
  3. Cooling capacity. Is the data centre able to provide sufficient cooling for your equipment?
  4. Record all costs. Not only for capacity, but also additional services.
  5. Financial stability of the data centre. This must be clear, since a bankruptcy can result in major problems for the continuity of the outsourcing organisation.


These five items can be found in the article: "Migratie naar het datacenter: het juiste datacenter kiezen" available on It discusses the things you should consider and why moving to a data centre is the right choice. We would like to add: “Visit the data centre". There are a great number of differences between data centres, more than you might expect. Do you want to visit our data centre? Pick a date for a non-obliging tour  with one of our data centre specialists.