Support services

The Dataplace support services provide extra support when needed. Our engineers offer you additional practical security. The Dataplace engineers can help you in unexpected situations where the presence of an engineer is required. Our engineers are available 24 hours a day and offer support to all your activities. You can report incidents or submit requests that require our engineers by email or through our client portal. They will ensure that your report is picked up as soon as possible. You cannot always be present at Dataplace, but our engineers are. The required support is always within reach through our support services.

Our data centre support services consist of:


  • Remote hands & eyes

    Our remote hands & eyes service enables you to have work performed to your equipment from a remote location. Our engineers are your hands and ears. It is often used for simple jobs such as telephone survey, inspecting cables or turning your equipment on and off (power cycling). Remote hands can also be applied for more complex cases, such as fully setting up your racks. Our engineers can also take care of this.

  • Leases of equipment and storage space

    Our data rooms have lockers for the storage of tools and spare parts. You will always have your own materials when you need them. In addition to the lease of storage space, we also offer various types of equipment, such as ATS/STS devices to ensure redundancy for your single-connection equipment. These are only a few examples of how Dataplace tries to support you.

  • Moving and Migrating

    Our moving services are available free of charge if you decide to house your servers at Dataplace. Make use of our expertise and experience during the entire process. We have expertly supported migrations for various organisations and companies of all sizes. We identify all aspects of the migration through a very accurate preparation, including thinking about the lay-out of the racks and the cabling needs. We provide successful migrations to our data centre 24 x7 throughout the year. Make use of our moving service for free. Our thorough approach ensures a flawless move.

  • Tape rotations

    Our tape rotation service mainly provides your organisation a lot of ease. This periodical or daily operation can be performed by the Dataplace engineers. Save time and reduce your costs by no longer have someone come over daily or periodically. Our experienced engineers ensure that this is no longer necessary.

  • Receipt and storage of goods

    Do you need spare parts or other goods and do you want to have these delivered directly to our data centre? No problem, you can report a delivery using our client portal. This informs us that a package for you will be delivered. After receiving the packages, we store them in our secured storage area within our data centre. You always receive a confirmation when we have stored your delivery. When you retrieve the package, you identify yourself and the package will be given to the right person. Simple service, but very practical.

  • Sale of materials

    Materials can be forgotten in case of a calamity or during routine jobs. No problem, Dataplace offers cables, tools and various materials for sale. Just need a screwdriver? We always temporarily provide our own tools. Just contact our engineers and you will be helped straight away.